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“ABC Carpet & Home New York has collaborated with Swiss designer Manuela Federica on an exclusive rug collection that took influence from the convergence of art and nature. Ornate decorative motifs met dramatic designs to create an intriguing assortment of modern rugs. Her exclusive creations, original and overflowing with color are sold in the world's major capitals. “We are pleased to feature the work of Manuela Federica. She a design luminary with remarkable creative vision and talent.”


Alex Kima, Vice President of ABC Carpet & Home New York



“Her dedication to the Rug Design industry is bar none. Manuela Federica’s design work is known worldwide, and she holds the highest respect among her peers. Her designs are repeatedly published in major, international trade publications like “Interior Design Magazine” and “Modern Carpets & Textiles”. Her contributions to design industry have been officially recognized as a Guide for Tendencies and Quality because of its global harmony, of its finesse in the execution as well as for its sensible color shades”.


Paul Chapman, Vice Chairmen & President ABC Carpet & Home New York



“Manuela Federica’s creations are absolute ground-breaking and internationally known for their high acceptance within traders and professionals. We are proud and delight of our collaboration with designer Manuela Federica. Her design abilities are rare and unique as she has the ability to blend technical constrains with harmonious design and art. There are no other designers who could be compared to her contributions and talent. She is today the leading industrial designer in her field.”


Fabien Tallant, ORPHEUS

“Temperament Beauty's design company is responsible for the design"

For the beautiful piece of equipment, the "Heritage Power Separation Digital Analog Converter", ORPHEUS turned to the famous Swiss design firm iSHONi (Japanese pronunciation of "Together"). The owner of this company is a temperamental beauty Manuela Federica,  she has shown design talent in her teens, and launched the brand in 1991 under her own name. iSHONi company was established in 1996, specialising in the design of clothing, carpets, bathroom products, bedding, tableware and other soft products more inclined to women. I was surprised that Orpheus asked her to design hard-toned audio products. However, the graceful lines and slightly upturned edges of the Heritage-Line give a glimpse of the elegance of a female designer. Manuela Federica  is well known in the design world. If Manuela Federica can design multiple styles at the same time, then she is really something.

Nanjing Weihong, WHAudio

Designer Manuela Federica is active in a variety of fields, including interior accessories and fashion accessories. The name of her brand iSHONi is based on the concept of "high quality, high standards, and products that appeal to the heart," and derived from the Japanese word "together" as she has a deep knowledge of Japanese culture. Designs like i.e. VERDANA are one of iSHONi's masterpieces which combines dreams of heaven and water. The design PANJA is characterized by modernity and luxury that matches a blend of Japanese and Western styles while other designs mysteriously recreate the dream of the tale of the Thousand and One Nights. Mysticism, harmony is widely expressed by Manuela Federica.


Tsujiori Carpets, Fukuoka, Japan




“Famous Swiss Designer Manuela Federica is an absolute ground-breaking designer.

She has contributed in a major way to the overall benefit of the design industry and today is the best designer in the world in the field of Decorative Design. She is very unique and in a league of her own. There are no designers in the industry who would compare to her.”


Pavel Janak, General Director G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary



In addition to stars, working with artists and collaborations between brands have increased significantly. Rosenthal engaged the renowned iSHONi designer Manuela-Federica for its porcelain plates and cups, Hugo Boss collaborated with New York artist JeremyvilleKiehl’s had his New Year's products and campaign designed by British illustrator Jonny Wan and the well-known pig character McDull on the red Reebok hoodie was created by the Hong Kong illustrators Alice Mak and Brian Tse. 





"What interests me in your drawing is the balance of the composition and the finesse of execution with, of course, the faintness and the freshness". Continue to enchant yourself despite external challenges, because it is that what remains and what nourishes your concern of beauty.


LEILA MENCHARI, Director of the decoratif service at HERMES SELLIER

Decorative Design by Manuela-Federica
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